Adult Courses 18 YRS +

Increase Confidence in All Areas of the English Language with our Adult Courses 18 YRS +


This course consists of four lessons per day and is perfect for those students who have little or no knowledge of English and require initial guidance into the language. New grammar, vocabulary and all language skills are introduced to increase confidence and to encourage the student to continue learning English.
This course is ideal for students wishing to practice their conversational skills and expand their vocabulary without focusing specifically on grammar
This course aims at developing general English skills needed by students for everyday situations, for work, study or travel. Grammar and language structure, speaking and listening, reading and writing, vocabulary and conversational skills are the key elements that make up this very popular course.

Interactive whiteboards are used throughout this course, bringing the fun back into learning. Specially designed digital i-Pack course material suitable for interactive whiteboards are prepared for this course, planned around relevant topics, exercises, images and instantly downloadable ‘real life’ video clips. 
In addition to the General English course, students who follow this intensive option are offered two additional lessons per day dedicated to oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary building and listening practice in order to improve their confidence in all areas of the English language. Students are also encouraged to discuss and debate a wide range of topics. The aim of this course is to help students to communicate, and emphasis is placed on encouraging fluency.
Academic Year consists of a minimum of 20 weeks, offering students the opportunity to choose between 20 or 30 lessons per week to increase their overall fluency and understanding of English. Students are able to make new friends from all over the world and improve their career prospects. Academic Year is steadily becoming a more popular course and is excellent value for money. (Please refer to our Long-Stay Special Packages)
Combi courses are ideal for those students who would like to combine two different courses, such as General English and Business English for work purposes or a group course plus one-to-one learning to focus on their own specific language needs, such as extra work on grammar or conversational skills.
1. General English 20 + Business English 10
2. General English 20 + 5 Private GE
3. General English 20 + 10 Private GE
4. General English 20 + 10 Private BE / ESP
5. Business English 20 mini group + 5 Private BE
Additional private lessons may also be booked with combi courses.
The quickest and most intensive way to learn and improve language skills. Teachers plan the lessons around the student’s personal needs, just perfect for students who wish to make maximum progress within a short time. Semi-Private is a course where two students of the same level of English require lessons together. Both courses cover all subjects from General English, Business English, through to ESP and are available to all ages and levels and can also be combined with other courses.



Chizuru Soeda, Japan

I am a university student and came to GV Malta to study for 3 weeks. I chose the school because I can speak to lots of students from many other countries in Europe. All the students in my class and residence are very nice. It’s my favourite memory and I went sightseeing with my friends.

The school is very at home and comfortable, the teacher in my class is very good and gives a very interesting class. I am embarrassed about the western style of class, but thanks to my teacher, Stephanie, talking to me, I could talk in my class little by little. I recommend you this school. You can not only learn English but also travel and see Malta.