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Business English 21 yrs+

Why go generic? Learn the English you need!

Our Business English courses are designed to help experienced business people, professionals and company personnel develop their ability to communicate effectively in the workplace. Students just beginning or aspiring to a career in business will also benefit from these courses.


Kindly take note that students are required to have a minimum of an intermediate (B1) English level in order to enroll in a Business English course.

The following business skills and topics can be discussed:
• Marketing and Management
• Social Skills in Business
• Telephone Communication
• Emails, Reports and Letter Writing
• International Banking and Finance
• Business Ethics
• Advertising
• Writing & checking CVs
• Preparing for an interview
• Leadership & Decision-Making
• Management Planning and Strategy
• Goal-setting
• Meetings – Controlling and participating
• Networking
• Language of Meetings
• Negotiations – role play
• Presentation skills – Speakers opening remarks & stage presence & content and design
• Human Resources/People Management Administration

The number of topics covered each week will vary depending on the small group’s needs and the length of one’s programme.

In addition to the Business English course, students are offered two extra lessons per day within their own small group to focus on additional and relevant aspects of Business English. The intensive course aims at:

  • increasing speaking, listening and conversation abilities
  • expanding business vocabulary and improving pronunciation
  • building confidence in using formal, professional English in a variety of business settings
  • learning about the culture of international Business English

The quickest and most intensive way to learn and improve language skills. Teachers plan the lessons around the student’s personal needs, just perfect for students who wish to make maximum progress within a short time. Semi-Private is a course where two students of the same level of English require lessons together. Both courses cover all subjects from General English, Business English, through to ESP and are available to all ages and levels and can also be combined with other courses.

Elisabeth Jaeger, Switzerland

I really like everything here. The teachers are friendly, the school is great and I’ve learned a lot. I improved my English every day. The school residence is also nice. Charles is really friendly and takes care about everything. I have everything I need and I’m happy here.