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General English Courses (18 years+)

Increase confidence in all areas of the English language with our adult general English courses.

Unlock the Power of English for Everyday Life!

From beginner to advanced levels, this course equips students with the essential English skills needed for everyday situations, work, study, or travel. Grammar, language structure, speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, and conversational skills form the core elements of this highly sought-after course.

Immerse Yourself in English Excellence!

Take your English proficiency to the next level with our intensive General English 30 lessons course. In addition to the comprehensive General English 20 lessons, this option offers two extra communicative English lessons per day, focusing on oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary building, and listening practice. Enhance your confidence in all aspects of the English language while engaging in stimulating discussions and debates.

Master the Art of Fluent Conversation!

Ideal for students desiring to sharpen conversational skills and expand vocabulary, our Communicative English 10 lessons course is included in the General English 30 lessons program. With a focus on oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary building, and listening practice, this course fosters confidence in English language usage. Engage in captivating discussions and debates to unlock your communication potential.

Adult Courses Nationality Mix 2023

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Elisabeth Jaeger, Switzerland

I really like everything here. The teachers are friendly, the school is great and I’ve learned a lot. I improved my English every day. The school residence is also nice. My teacher is really friendly and takes care about everything. I have everything I need and I’m happy here