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General English Courses (18 years+)

Welcome to GV Malta, where excellence in English language education meets the stunning backdrop of Malta’s shores. Our General English courses offer a transformative learning experience tailored to adult learners.


Led by our team of dedicated and qualified teachers, our courses are designed to inspire and empower. We follow the renowned Navigate course book series by Oxford Press, ensuring a structured and effective learning journey for every student.


Step into our modern classrooms equipped with brand new interactive screens, elevating the learning experience to new heights. These innovative tools foster engagement and collaboration, making each lesson a dynamic and immersive experience.

General English (20 lessons per week)

Unlock the Power of English for Everyday Life!

From beginner to advanced levels, this course equips students with the essential English skills needed for everyday situations, work, study, or travel. Grammar, language structure, speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary, and conversational skills form the core elements of this highly sought-after course.

Intensive General English (30 lessons per week)

Immerse Yourself in English Excellence!

Take your English proficiency to the next level with our intensive General English 30 lessons course. In addition to the comprehensive General English 20 lessons, this option offers two extra communicative English lessons per day, focusing on oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary building, and listening practice. Enhance your confidence in all aspects of the English language while engaging in stimulating discussions and debates.

Communicative English (10 lessons per week)

Master the Art of Fluent Conversation!

Ideal for students desiring to sharpen conversational skills and expand vocabulary, our Communicative English 10 lessons course is included in the General English 30 lessons program. With a focus on oral fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary building, and listening practice, this course fosters confidence in English language usage. Engage in captivating discussions and debates to unlock your communication potential.

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While you’re here, don’t miss our specialized offerings, including Business English Courses for professionals and dynamic Teen and Kids courses for younger learners. Explore these options to tailor your learning journey to your specific goals and interests.


Ready to unlock your full potential in English? Join us at GV Malta and experience the difference firsthand. 

Frequently asked questions

We ask all our students to complete our Placement Test so we can assess their English level and place them in the appropriate class level. The test is done online, after booking your course (prior to arrival). The test takes 45 minutes and consists of 60 multiple choice questions, and a written section.

The General English (20 lessons) course follows the Navigate series by Oxford University Press. When you book the General English course, we will charge a fee for the course book and additional materials such as handouts and worksheets. You will receive the course book on the first day of your course.

Yes, you will receive a certificate of attendance on the last day of your course, provided that you are present for at least 85% of your booked lessons.

Kindly visit our Visa Information page for further details. 

We sure do! We offer packages combining the General English course (20 or 30 lessons) with accommodation in our shared self-catering apartments (Hortensia Apartments or The Exchange Apartments) or in a Host Family accommodation.  The packages start from 4 weeks. Kindly contact us for prices and availability. 

We’re happy to provide you with more information should you have any further questions about the course or school! Kindly contact us here.