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GV Summer Camp

The 2024 Summer Camp Programme will be held from 24 June - 23 August 2024.

GV Summer Camp offers an incredible opportunity for boys and girls aged 10 to 17 to immerse themselves in an English-speaking environment, forge friendships with peers from around the globe, engage in a wide range of excursions and activities, and, above all, have a blast!


Our summer camp welcomes both individuals and groups, with a minimum stay of one week.


We offer packages with:

  • accommodation and 24/7 supervision (GV Residential Camp) or
  • without accommodation for students who would like to spend time with their families (GV Day Camp or GV Language Camp).
For the convenience of our students attending Language Camp or Day Camp, we provide a shuttle service between the main school and the summer camp.

Our comprehensive English language course is designed to accommodate students of all proficiency levels. Focusing on comprehension and conversation skills, our engaging curriculum incorporates interactive discussions, role-playing, and group projects. We ensure an enjoyable learning experience that keeps students highly engaged and yields impressive results. The GV Summer Camp program offers 20 lessons (15 hours) per week, providing ample opportunities for language practice and growth.


Every week students work on an interesting project and spend some time every day working on it. At the end of the week, they present their work in front of their peers. Here are some project ideas: Creating a Brochure, Creating a Perfect Town or City, Lip Dub of a Song, Presidential Elections from the Past, Typical Food, a Magazine, Interviewing School Celebrities and many more.

Our GV Camp is situated in a spacious and welcoming local secondary school located in the residential area of Tal-Virtu’ in Rabat. This prime location positions us just 10 minutes away from Mdina, the enchanting old medieval capital city.


For the convenience of our students attending Language Camp or Day Camp, we provide a shuttle service between the main school and the summer camp.


What makes our GV Camp unique in Malta? We offer everything on one premises! The large premises hosts our classrooms, accommodation, dining hall and lots of space for recreational activities.


The grounds boast two football pitches, a fully equipped auditorium and two gymnasiums which can be used for various activities such as volleyball, basketball, and yoga. We also have an outdoor green lawn area for relaxing evening chill-out sessions. Additionally, our camp features a natural wooded area affording splendid views of Verdala Castle, perfect for engaging in outdoor games, and an open field area ideal for our memorable bonfire nights.

Our comprehensive leisure programme ensures that students have an eventful experience throughout the week, with activities organized up to 7 days a week. Students can enjoy a diverse range of activities, including beach trips, exciting excursions, arts and crafts sessions, and various sports. On weekends, we treat our students to a full-day excursion, such as a boat trip to Comino or a day filled with games and activities in Gozo, complemented by special evening events such as Talent Shows or ‘Casino’ Nights. All activities are conducted in English, enabling students to practice and refine their language skills beyond the classroom. Our team of trained leaders diligently supervise and organize the activities to ensure the students’ enjoyment and safety.

We take great care in providing students with a well-balanced diet, consisting of delicious breakfasts, hot lunches, and satisfying dinners, all prepared and served on campus. Occasionally, we organize outdoor barbeques or picnics, allowing students to relish the Mediterranean Summer’s ambiance. We happily cater to vegetarian and special dietary requirements, provided such information is shared during the booking process.

Single rooms: Our cosy single rooms are equipped with an ensuite bathroom and a fan.

Shared rooms: Our pleasant shared rooms can accommodate 2 to 3 students. Each shared room is equipped with an ensuite bathroom and a fan. Shared rooms may have a bunk bed. Boys and girls are not permitted to share rooms. We try our best to allocate students of different nationalities and similar ages together.

Dormitories: Students may also opt to stay in one of our comfortable, modern dormitories. Each student will have a wardrobe and shared bathroom facilities. Each dormitory can accommodate up to 26 or 32 students sleeping on bunk beds. Boys and girls are housed separately.

Student Nationality Mix 2023 (Summer Camp)

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