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Top Places to Visit in Malta

Experience the rich tapestry of Malta’s history and culture by visiting its top sights, all conveniently located within reach of GV Malta.

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During the day, Valletta offers an array of sightseeing opportunities that cater to history buffs, art enthusiasts, and culture seekers alike. Situated just 14km from GV Malta, the UNESCO World Heritage-listed capital city beckons visitors with its architectural marvels, museums, and historic landmarks.

Begin your exploration of Valletta with a visit to St. John’s Co-Cathedral, a masterpiece of Baroque art and architecture. Admire the opulent interior adorned with intricate sculptures, gilded ceilings, and renowned works of art by Caravaggio and other masters.

For a glimpse into the aristocratic lifestyle of Malta’s past, wander through Casa Rocca Piccola, a 16th-century palazzo that offers guided tours of its lavishly decorated rooms, gardens, and underground WWII shelters.

Delve into Malta’s rich archaeological heritage at the Museum of Archaeology, where you can discover artifacts spanning thousands of years of history, including the world-famous Venus of Malta and the prehistoric Ħaġar Qim Temple figurines.

Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Barrakka Gardens, perched atop the city’s fortified walls and offering panoramic views of the Grand Harbour. Relax amidst lush greenery, ornamental fountains, and monuments commemorating Malta’s military history. Most days at 12 pm and at 4 pm, visitors can witness the firing of cannons in the Saluting Battery below.

Step back in time at the Grandmaster’s Palace, the former residence of the Grand Master of the Order of St. John, which now houses the Office of the President of Malta and the Palace State Rooms. Marvel at the grandeur of the Palace Armoury, one of the world’s largest collections of arms and armor from the age of the Knights.

As evening falls, Valletta comes alive with a vibrant dining and nightlife scene. Head to Strait Street, once known as “The Gut,” to experience Valletta’s historic entertainment district, now transformed into a hub of trendy bars and acclaimed restaurants. Indulge in Mediterranean cuisine, sip on cocktails, and soak up the atmosphere of this bustling street lined with historic facades and hidden gems.

With its blend of history, culture, and contemporary charm, Valletta offers a captivating experience for visitors seeking to explore Malta’s capital city by day and enjoy its vibrant nightlife by night.


Step back in time as you explore the historic city of Mdina, often referred to as the “Silent City.” Located just 9km away from GV Malta, Mdina is a medieval fortress steeped in history and charm.

Wander through the labyrinthine alleys of Mdina, where every corner reveals a new discovery waiting to be made. Admire the architectural splendor of landmarks such as St. Paul’s Cathedral, a magnificent Baroque masterpiece known for its stunning frescoes, marble sculptures, and intricate stone carvings.

Explore the atmospheric squares and hidden courtyards tucked away within Mdina’s fortified walls, each offering a glimpse into the city’s historical past. Visit the Palazzo Falson Historic House Museum, a meticulously restored medieval mansion showcasing a rich collection of art, antiques, and historical artifacts.

Discover the Vilhena Palace, home to the Museum of Natural History, where you can delve into Malta’s diverse ecosystems and wildlife. Discover exhibits showcasing the island’s flora and fauna, geological formations, and marine life, offering insights into Malta’s natural heritage and conservation efforts.

With its timeless beauty and rich heritage, Mdina offers a captivating escape from the hustle and bustle of modern life. Whether you’re exploring its ancient streets, marveling at its architectural wonders, or simply soaking up the atmosphere of this historic gem, Mdina promises an unforgettable journey through Malta’s past.


Escape the hustle and bustle of mainland Malta and embark on a journey to the enchanting island of Gozo, a tranquil paradise just a short ferry ride away. With its idyllic landscapes, charming villages, and rich cultural heritage, Gozo offers a captivating escape for visitors seeking to explore Malta’s quieter side.

Upon arrival in Gozo, immerse yourself in the island’s natural beauty by visiting its stunning coastal cliffs, secluded beaches, and picturesque countryside. Explore the rugged coastline of Dwejra, home to the iconic Azure Window (formerly), a natural limestone arch that has become one of Gozo’s most famous landmarks. Although the Azure Window collapsed in 2017, the area still offers breathtaking views and opportunities for coastal walks and swimming.

Discover the historic capital city of Victoria (also known as Rabat), where ancient streets and quaint squares reveal a treasure trove of architectural gems and cultural landmarks. Visit the imposing Citadel, a fortified city within a city, which offers panoramic views of Gozo and houses a fascinating collection of museums, cathedrals, and historic buildings.

Wander through the ancient Ggantija Temples, believed to be among the oldest freestanding structures in the world. Marvel at the intricate stone carvings and megalithic architecture of these UNESCO World Heritage-listed temples, which date back over 5,000 years.

Indulge in Gozo’s culinary delights by sampling traditional Maltese dishes at local restaurants. Taste freshly caught seafood, savory pastries, and artisanal cheeses, accompanied by local wines and liqueurs made from native fruits and herbs.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Gozo offers a wealth of activities, including hiking, cycling, diving, and snorkeling. Explore the island’s network of scenic trails, which lead you through verdant valleys, past ancient ruins, and along rugged coastlines. Dive into crystal-clear waters teeming with marine life, where colorful coral reefs, underwater caves, and shipwrecks await exploration.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, relaxation, or cultural immersion, Gozo offers an unforgettable island experience that will leave you enchanted by its natural beauty and timeless charm.


Just a short boat ride from Malta lies the idyllic island of Comino, a pristine haven renowned for its natural beauty and crystal-clear waters. Comino is home to just two permanent residents, adding to its secluded atmosphere. Discover the enchanting attractions that make Comino a must-visit destination during your time in Malta.

Anchored between the rugged cliffs of Comino and the islet of Cominotto, the Blue Lagoon is a breathtaking natural pool of shimmering turquoise waters. Dive into the crystal-clear depths, snorkel amidst marine life, or simply bask in the sun on the pristine white sands. The Blue Lagoon’s captivating beauty makes it a favorite spot for swimming, sunbathing, and unforgettable moments.

Explore Comino’s rich history with a visit to Santa Marija Tower, a 17th-century coastal fortification perched on the island’s highest point. Built by the Knights of St. John to defend against pirate raids, the tower offers panoramic views of the surrounding sea and coastline. Climb to the top for stunning vistas of the Blue Lagoon and the rugged terrain of Comino.