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Feast days in the Maltese Islands are enjoyed by locals and tourists alike. However, the most important events for the Maltese people are definitely the village festas where each town or village celebrates its own patron saint.

The festa season in Malta takes place from the end of May till September. A traditional Maltese festa lasts not less than 3 days, and sometimes it can extend for a longer period. Hundreds of people will be out celebrating or selling typical products such as the Maltese type nougat and other sweet delicacies. People decorate their village streets with banners and festoons, and their own balconies with coloured festoons depending on the feast they are supporting. The end of the celebration brings with it a spectacular show of fireworks.

February is the month of carnival in Malta and Gozo. It is a week full of coloured floats and people wearing extravagant costumes. You can see the carnival being organized in Valletta or in other towns and villages celebrating their own version of the festivities. You can also experience a particular interpretation of the carnival in Gozo.

Festival Mediterranea is an annual event organized in Gozo. The event offers a great opportunity to those visitors who wish to learn about Gozo’s archaeological sites and temples, listen to opera and music concerts, or participate in field trips, art exhibitions, and food and drink events.

Notte Bianca is an annual event organized in Valletta every October. It is an exceptional celebration particularly suited to the capital city. All palaces and museums are open all day to the public. Visitors can enjoy art exhibitions and theatre performances as well as cafes and restaurants that are open till late in the evening. Notte Bianca guarantees a memorable night to all its visitors.

Another Maltese festival is Ghanafest, held every year in June. It is a unique opportunity to experience Maltese folk singing. The event is perfect for the entire family or for anyone interested in music. Throughout the 3 days of the festival, people can enjoy a selection of traditional Maltese food and a series of crafts demonstrations.

Therefore, no matter how short your holiday in Malta is, make sure that you attend one of the many festivals or festas and create a memorable experience with your loved ones. If you are interested in Maltese culture and traditions, then participating in one of these events can give you a clear picture of how the locals love to celebrate.

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