Private & Semi-Private Online Lessons

Learning English from the comfort of your home with GV Malta English Centre

Private (1 to 1) or Semi-Private (2 to 1) Lessons
General English, Business English or English for Special Purposes

  • Learning from Beginner to Advanced
  • Flexible times, depending on teacher availabilty
  • Lessons available Monday - Saturday
  • 1 lesson = 60 minutes
  • For all course options students are requested to fill in our online Placement Test
  • Students must be same level when bookng Semi-Private lessons.
  • Bookings are subject to availability at the time of booking   
  • Terms & Conditions may apply
Private General                                     Private Business / ESP
5 lessons    - € 125                                 5 lessons    - € 150
10 lessons  - € 230                                10 lessons   - € 280

Semi-Private General                          Semi-Private Business /ESP
5 lessons    - € 75                                  5 lessons    - € 90
10 lessons  - € 140                                10 lessons  - € 175           


Chizuru Soeda, Japan

I am a university student and came to GV Malta to study for 3 weeks. I chose the school because I can speak to lots of students from many other countries in Europe. All the students in my class and residence are very nice. It’s my favourite memory and I went sightseeing with my friends.

The school is very at home and comfortable, the teacher in my class is very good and gives a very interesting class. I am embarrassed about the western style of class, but thanks to my teacher, Stephanie, talking to me, I could talk in my class little by little. I recommend you this school. You can not only learn English but also travel and see Malta.