Summer Camp 10-17 Yrs


GV Camp operates weekly in Summer, and campers may book their stay from 1 week+. There are seven options to choose from:

•  Residential Camp - Dormitory
   (full programme, including Saturday & Sunday)

•  Residential Camp - Shared Room
   (full programme, including Saturday & Sunday)

•  Residential Camp - Single Room
   (full programme, including Saturday & Sunday)

•  Host Family Camp - Shared Room
   (Partial programme + host family time, including Saturday & Sunday)

•  Host Family Camp - Single Room
   (Partial programme + host family time, including Saturday & Sunday)

•  Day Camp
   (weekdays 09:00 – 18:00, optional Saturday)

•  Language Camp
   (weekdays 09:00 – 12:30, optional Saturday)

What is a GV Residential Camp?

Our Residential camp is the regular, full package we offer where English lessons, accommodation and daily activities, including Saturdays and Sundays, are held ‘under one roof’. Local excursions to discover other parts of Malta are also included in this package.
Rooms: Students may choose between twin / triple or single bedroom options with full en suite shower / bathroom. Some twin rooms may have bunk beds. The rooms are cosy and modern, equipped with new furniture and fans.
Dormitories: Students may also opt to stay in one of our comfortable, modern dormitories. Each student will have a wardrobe and shared bathroom facilities. Maximum number of bunk beds: 26 or 32 per dorm. Boys and girls are housed separately and supervised at all times by our experienced staff.
Meals: Students are offered a healthy and varied full-board option consisting of Breakfast, Hot Lunch and Buffet Dinner, all on campus. Occasionally we provide an outdoor BBQ for supper to enjoy the Mediterranean summer night’s breeze outdoors! Students are encouraged to try different foods to promote a balanced diet. Vegetarian and Special dietary requirements are also catered for and should be advised upon booking.
Return Airport transfers: airport-Camp-airport included in the programme.

What is a GV Host Family Camp?

Our Host Family camp is very similar to our regular GV Residential Camp, the only difference being that students are accommodated in host families. The students participate in a partial leisure programme, including Saturdays and Sundays

Meals: Students are offered a continental breakfast and dinner with their host families. Hot lunch is served at the camp. Students are encouraged to try different foods to promote a healthy and balanced diet. Vegetarian and Special dietary requirements are also catered for and to be advised upon booking. 

Return Airport transfers: airport - host family - airport included in the programme

Shuttles to / from camp: if required, are included in the price

What is a GV Day Camp?

Our Day Camp is a shorter version of our regular GV Camp, including the leisure programme (Monday to Friday) but without overnight accommodation. Campers have the option to sleep in their parents’ accommodation and take a 15-minute shuttle from St. Paul’s Bay area to the Camp.

Meals: Hot lunch is served at the Camp (Monday to Friday) and included in the programme. Students are encouraged to try different foods to promote a healthy and balanced diet. Vegetarian and Special dietary requirements are also catered for and to be advised upon booking. Breakfast and Dinner not included in the programme.

Shuttles: included in the price.

What is a GV Language Camp?

Our Language Camp includes English lessons only, without the leisure programme and without overnight accommodation/meals. Campers have the option to sleep in their parents’ accommodation and take a 15-minute shuttle from St. Paul’s Bay area to the Camp.
Meals: not included.

Shuttles: included in the price.

What happens at GV English Summer Camp?

So much happens at our Summer Camp it’s hard to figure out how we fit it all in!

Here’s a sample of a weekly programme:
08:00: Wake up time, morning exercises and Breakfast for our Residential students.

08:30: Shuttle leaves St. Paul’s Bay to drive Language and Day students to Camp. 09:00: Upon arrival of the Language, Day and Host Family students at the Camp, a meeting is held with our GV Team Coordinator, GV Language Coordinator and GV Team Leaders to brief all students about what’s going to happen during the day.

09:15 – 12:45: Monday to Friday students enjoy 3 hours per day / 15 hours per week of exclusive morning English lessons. The level-appropriate classes are made up of a maximum of 16 students allowing time for personalised attention.

12:45: Language students leave camp to catch shuttle to St. Paul’s Bay. Hot lunch served on Camp to Residential, Host Family and Day Campers.
14:00: Afternoons: Campers can look forward to a wide variety of healthy-living activities, including team sports, outdoor / indoor recreation, the arts and excursions. Such activities may include football, volleyball, badminton, basketball, swimming and snorkelling in the Mediterranean Sea, hiking, movie making, bowling, painting, geocaching, photography, dance, yoga, hip hop and water games to name some of the many options. To complete the balanced schedule there are well-planned excursions with historical & cultural visits to Mdina and Valletta, Treasure Hunts, time for shopping, traditional local crafts sessions like pottery and limestone-carving and endless fun; some of these will certainly be among the highlights of their holiday. Some afternoon activities are offered as ‘Sign-Up’ options, while others are pre-set for the entire group.

18:00: Day Campers leave camp by shuttle to St. Paul’s Bay to join their families for dinner. Host family Campers return to their host families to take a shower and freshen up and join their host families for dinner. Residential Campers take a shower & freshen up, followed by a Hot Buffet Dinner at the camp.

Time Out: Everyday between 18:00 – 20:00 some private time is dedicated to relax and chill out, or to contact parents/friends in own home country. Parents are urged to contact their children only at these times, unless in case of emergency.

20:00: Evenings Host Family students return to GV Camp to join in the evening activities. Evenings include a wide variety of group activities that encourage social and English language interaction among the campers. Such activities may include Welcome Parties, mini discos, game nights, ping pong tournaments, dances, talent shows, mini speed dating, karaoke and even camper organized special events.

22:00: Host family campers return to their homestays for a much needed sleep.

22:30: Lights out. Time to sleep and dream in English!

Saturday is the big excursion day for our Residential and Host Family campers (optional for Language and Day Campers), when you get to discover the best of the Maltese islands.

Sunday is also a fun-packed day for our Residential and Host Family campers (optional for Language and Day Campers), where you may have Sports Contests or participate in a best Photo Quest. You will have the time to prepare for the evening International Fest where students ‘show off’ the Best from their own country, such as typical food, or sharing customs and traditions.

Weekend Arrivals and Departures

For our Residential or Host Family Campers, Saturday/Sunday may also be a travel day when you and your fellow Campers arrive or depart, receive warm welcomes or tearful goodbyes, and get to explore your new home away from home. And if you’re flying in from abroad, don’t worry about finding us, we’ll find you, as transport to and from the airport is included in your registration! Language and Day Campers may book optional airport transfers with their family/ group registration.

Safety always comes first!

In order to ensure the safety and well-being of the Campers, all our activities are supported by our professional GV Team Leaders and our GV Team Coordinator, maintaining an enviable average rate of 1 GV Staff for every 15 Campers. Staff members are chosen through a strict selection process and undergo an intensive training week before the summer starts. The team includes basic first aiders. During every activity, the necessary safety measures are strictly implemented by our leaders and any outside providers we cooperate with.

English Language Course structure

In charge of the programme is our Language Coordinator who supervises the lessons and closely follows the progress of each student. Suitable for all abilities, the programme emphasizes comprehension and conversation, and often includes topic discussions, role playing, group projects and local visits - this pleasant teaching approach helps to maintain a high student interest and produces impressive results.
Practice doesn’t stop when class time is finished; English is the only official camp language and everyone is expected to communicate in English throughout the entire day. Overall, language students make significant progress in a 2-week period depicted on the detailed report that students receive at the end of each stay.

Regarding the weekly projects, students choose an interesting project which they would like to work on, spend some time every day working on it and at the end they present their work in front of their peers. Here are some project ideas: Create a Perfect Town or City, Lip Dub of a Song, Presidential Elections from the Past, Typical Food, Creating a Brochure or a Magazine, Interviewing School Celebrities and many more. 

Interactive Whiteboards in all Classrooms

Our teachers, trained specifically for this age group, use tailor-made teaching materials for Interactive Whiteboards (IWBs) to make learning fun and effective.

Camp Location

Our GV Camp is housed in a spacious and welcoming local secondary school in the luxurious area of Tal-Virtu’ in Rabat, which is ideally situated just 10 minutes from the old medieval capital city of Mdina, one of Malta’s natural treasures.

Our Camp is run on an exclusive basis, providing the precious privacy we need to run our programmes. Our main building is modern, barely 5 years old; hence it is in excellent condition.

Spread over 58,000 square metres, GV Camp is located high up in a green area, surrounded by the peaceful countryside and villas, boasting panoramic views of the island of Malta. The surrounding area and facilities within the Camp are exceptional in terms of the activities it has to offer, allowing for an exciting and balanced schedule.

Camp Facilities

Our GV Camp offers the perfect programme for outdoor and indoor enthusiasts. In terms of facilities, one finds two football pitches, a Theatre Hall with a stage equipped with special lighting and sound effects for performances, a fully-equipped Gym for team sports such as volleyball, basketball, badminton and table tennis, a recreational room for billiards and table soccer; an outdoor green lawn area with beautiful views of Verdala Castle for water games and other activities and an additional area with tall and shady trees for team building exercises and use for Time Out.

Explore, Discover, Play & Learn!

GV Camp is therefore full of activities and experiences, 7 days a week, including SUNDAYS that promote healthy-living, active lifestyles, international friendships and new experiences. And if you are looking for a camp where the fun never stops, then this is the right place to be.
GV Camp is like combining the best of home, holidays, clubs & hobbies all in one place… you never get bored creating fantastic memories and lots of great stories to tell your friends and family when you get home.



Daniel Perrin, Professor of Applied Linguistics, Zurich ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences School of Applied Linguistics IAM Institute of Applied Media Studi, Switzerland

Thanks to the well-designed GVMalta course program, we were able to combine exciting family holidays with highly effective English training for the four of us.